Getting Started with PhotoShop

If you want to add great visual content to your website or blog, sooner or later you will probably consider getting to grips with Photoshop. This is by far the most capable graphics programme available, but with all of that power comes a steep learning curve. There are plenty of good videos on YouTube which will get you started. This one is good for the basics, but there are also progressively more advanced tutorials from the same author which will enable you to build on your skills:

Training Courses

If you want to get up to speed quickly with PhotoShop, you might want to consider taking a training course. There are classroom type courses in all the major Cities and a Google search should find one near you. I recently took an advanced course in London with a Company called Paul Brown Training and although not cheap, I learned a lot in just one intensive day. You could also think about taking an online course, an option which often works out a cheaper and many can be taken at times to suit your lifestyle.

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